How to achieve A+ in your programming assignment?

How to achieve a good grade in your programming language assignment and project? The most highly asked questions! Do you know why?

Most probably you will answer that everybody wants to score good and want to get good GPA. Is this statement is correct and enough? Have you ever asked yourself regarding it? Most probably no!

Let me explain this thing to you and give you the important solution to get good grades. First of if you require a good grade then please keep one thing in mind, this post is worthy for you and don’t skip any line. I just require your attention to make you able to get A+.

So be serious and calm, to read the post. And after that, one of the important things is your concentration, which values high…

Getting a good grade is everybody dream, it’s not you who is thinking like this. But single thing matters that how much of us converts our dream into the real-life success. Some of us select the hard way to get it and some choose the shortest and easy way. Where you lie, I don’t know but I can say that you can also achieve A+ if and only if you want, otherwise a BIG NO!

What are the biggest myths that step back you from achieving the success?

Myths are everywhere, each and every person thinks in a different way. Some person develops myths to hide their weaknesses and some person make myths to do, anything in an easy way, without leaving their comfort zone. E.g. if you want to go to a place for a tracking purpose, you definitely ask your colleagues about the place with the details.

The person will say according to his/her experiences, which can bad or good for that person and can be good or bad for you! Sometimes we can’t decide what should actually we want to do? At that time a serious and an expert advice is important.

Who does go for it, ask their colleagues about the same title and do as they are doing or as they have done, to get rid of tension? But at the same time, if you talk to an experienced person, he/she will guide you and, believe me, you will feel fresh and tension free. And a positivity to explore your project in a right direction.

The biggest myth is that – “What others are doing is correct and what I am doing is wrong!

So, do what others do, until you’re not fully satisfied. If you follow others then take a right decision after analysing all factors.

Sometimes people select the worst programming project ideas, which common. Means, everybody can do that. Like management system’s.

Yes, you’re right if these are common then we should leave them? No! But do some kind of unique work. It’s not like you are just searching the internet and getting a solution and just modifying that one.

People who have done or doing the same project have also that solution. They have also done the same things what that includes. So what makes you different from others. They will get D grade, how can you expect A+? Think upon it!

So, its better to get an expert consultation on time, as its go too late. Why I’m saying this thing? Do you know the reasons? Most probably yes. Lets check out why?

When you ask an expert about the project and features which should be included, he/she will guide you and talk each and every features uniqueness with benefits too. Which will reduce your development efforts and hike your project and assignment grade as well?

These are only the little facts that you need to in your mind while the project idea selection as well as the development. You can do this thing yourself. Want to know how? For that, you have to just give the full attention to the read this post carefully.

How to get A+in my final year programming project and assignment?

This is a question which requires only two things to be understood properly…

Want to know what are those two things? Wait! I’m explaining…

  1. Develop your project of your own if you are confident enough.
  2. Don’t hire if you are an expert in the technology, otherwise Yes, you need to hire.

I’m going to explain this two thing in details to make you understand.

Develop your project of your own…

Yes! This is the perfect option if you’re doing a project, which uses technology that you know! Here I mean to say that you should be enough confident about it. You should have at least 85% of the knowledge of the skills required. And please don’t think you will search on the internet about the problem and then make your project.

I mean to say, some people think they can learn and make a good project by just the help of search engines! They don’t know the exact way to code.

It’s a very local logic to make your project which can be done by any non-computer engineering students. Unfortunately, it can be done by an Arts students also. A small kid can do that then what’s the difference between the project of a kid and a professional programmer? Seriously, a very shameful thing for us!

This method is good when you’re learning any programming language, but not when you are developing any project.

So it’s better to hire a developer if you don’t the required skills. If you know at least 80-85% of the required skills then go ahead and start developing from right now! You can do it without hiring anybody.

Don’t hire if you are an expert in the technology…

Its an obvious thing, if you know the skills you should do your project yourself. Otherwise, you should hire a developer. Why should you hire developer or me?

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