18 Top, Latest & Best SQL Server Project Ideas for Final Year Students

Are you planning to create your own database? — And especially in SQL Server…

If I’m right…

Then this SQL Server database project ideas post is specially designed for you…

No doubt…

This is a post with which every person or student should go at least once…

…Specially who is going to build SQL server database projects.

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Most of the persons think that why should I read your post and what I will learn from it? Seriously…

 A good question…

No doubt…

 But if a person sharing his or her experience with you, is very worthy like a diamond…

Presently you will not realize those things – but as your practice grows and you will get small or tiny errors during practice…

…Those small things are going to make you realize.

I’m telling it to you because here I’m sharing my experience with SQL Server database and all the important facts regarding SQL Server database Project ideas and its development working processes.

And this post is very necessary to you if you’re going to taste SQL Server for the first time for any project development.

Learning Microsoft’s SQL Server is not a big task…

 Have you got a question like why learning MS SQL isn’t a big task for you?


You’re a good developer as well as programmer…

 …And the most effective thing is that –

You got me as a guide…

 I will teach you A to Z information related to SQL Server project development, which I’m having…


I mean it… what I’m saying!

Just make I single little effort from your side…

Then nobody is going to stop you from learning SQL Server…

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Still worried…

I think not so much…

I don’t need much more thing from your side…

…But strictly saying – “ONLY YOUR ATTENTION, NOTHING ELSE!

Now, its time to get us in the precious and eminent talks of the SQL Server project ideas…

… Before proceeding further, you should clear about that —

What is a database? Especially SQL Server database…

The database is the collection of interrelated data. And SQL Server is software developed by Microsoft’s in C and C++.

SQL Server require .NET framework platform.

SQL Server provides a capability to handle or storing and retrieving data, which is asked by the different application software running on the same computer…

…But it’s not compulsory to run an application on the same system, you may choose another…

… But that system should be connected through the network and can handle data using the network.

SQL Server uses T-SQL and ANSI SQL as a query language.

SQL server provides different types of flavor to build you projects as per as the requirements.

SQL Server provides many numbers of editions. But you should opt any edition very carefully.


I’m not joking, if you’re going for it, you should compare each edition and its features, and, therefore, you should opt anyone.

If you’re going quickly to opt it without thinking, you’re going to lose both time and money.

One mistake can lead to a big blunder…

…Before proceeding with it, you must ask an expert. And please don’t hesitate to ask.

 Get a Codingparks expert advice, just contact me, and feel free to ask questions.

As the features increases in the editions, price will skyrocket at the same time.

If you’re willing to go with my recommendation…

… I’ll recommend you to go with SQL Express if your project is at a medium scale.

Mostly people I’ve recommended for SQL Express edition, I have analyzed my previous data and reports, then came to know that …

…60% of people I have suggested opting SQL Server Express edition. And 20% are suggested to opt Enterprise edition.

17% suggested for Business Intelligence and remaining 3% are suggested to opt web and workgroup editions.

Currently, I am working on an SQL Server database project of Kaitlyn Gifford form the USA…

… Kaitlyn called me a week ago to get an idea about SQL Server editions, I suggested Kaitlyn go for enterprise edition.

I’m sure you’re thinking why I suggested her to go for enterprise edition.

These questions are very common to everyone.

No doubt…

This question should come in your mind – if you’re giving proper attention to my eminent post.

I suggested her enterprise because, she have to work on a large-scale project not only for college final year project but also at a global level.

It requires more storage and functions with greater performance. So, SQL server enterprise edition handle larger data with good performance…

…It can handle up to 524 petabytes of data with 2 TB of addressing memory. And can support 8 physical processor.

SQL Server enterprise 2012 supports 160 physical processor. Wow…

Too much support…


You can reduce your most of expense with SQL Server, without shifting yourself towards BIG Data.

Now, my client Kaitlyn Gifford is very happy with my suggestion and work.

And if you’re willing to go for a large-scale project then go for enterprise edition, which includes all the features in one.

If still jumping any doubt in your mind – feel free to contact me. I promise you’ll get a very nice and cool suggestion from me.

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Now coming back from SQL Server editions to the main part…

SQL Server is used at a large scale but not at an extra large scale. For that purpose, you’ve to shift your data to the big-data concept.

SQL have specific limits to handle the data requests after that it doesn’t respond you better. And mostly you suffer with the slow speed problem.

I think now you’re thinking does it require programming skills?

Yes, it requires programming skills…

… Before proceeding with it, you must clear with your programming skills. In SQL server, you can use both GUI and code for programming.

But if you’re thinking it going to be tough for you…

… Then please fire out this thinking from your mind. It’s going to be very easy for you to learn MS SQL Server, but you’ve to trust me and promise me to go as per as my recommendation and guidance.

If you’re feeling that you’ll require a tutor for your personal training you can consult with me, and I’ll provide you full guidance till your project is not accomplished…

…For that purpose I’m just one click away from you, just contact me and grab my timings for you. Wow…

Get my personal training program till your project accomplishment…

Now I’m going to discuss some important and unique SQL Server database projects ideas.

All ideas are here provided after consideration. Which are absolutely going to hike your project quality and grades.

These all project ideas are simple, top class, latest and best database project ideas collected specially for you.

18 top, latest and best innovative SQL Server database project ideas for final year engineering students –

  1. Students Management System SQL Server database project idea.
  2. Employees Management System idea in SQL Server for final year projects.
  3. Taxi Management system project ideas in SQL Server for final year students.
  4. Hotel Management System in SQL Server database project ideas for final engineering students
  5. University Management System in SQL Server database project ideas for final year engineering students.
  6. Hospital Management System in SQL Server database project ideas for final year students.
  7. Petrol Pump sales database management in SQL Server final year engineering students.
  8. Store My Information project ideas for final year student of engineering in SQL server.
  9. Billing management system in SQL Server for final year engineering students.
  10. Laboratory Management System in SQL Server for final year students of engineering.
  11. Taxi Centre management system in SQL Server for final year students
  12. Shopkeeper management system in SQL Server for final year students.
  13. Students Attendance Management system – MS Access project idea for students.
  14. Laboratory Management System for Labs Microsoft’s MS Access project idea.
  15. Ticket Reservation System project ideas for students in MS Access.
  16. Student’s admission Record Management System for the high school students.
  17. Chemist Shop Management System project idea in MS Access database software
  18. Parking Management System for final year students, SQL Server database project ideas.

Student Management System in SQL Server database project ideas for final year engineering students.

Students management system in SQL Server is a idea designed for a school or an institute level.

This student’s management system idea is very useful nowadays. Because school and institutes require this kind of software to manage their students…

…So this is a project with which you can work on a project to score good grades in the college as well as you’ve an opportunity to work on a real-time project.

So, if you’re curious to work on a real-time project and want to score good marks and grades then, go for it.

At last you’re not going to regret on yourself because you’re going to learn much more things than the database only.

Most probably you’re thinking about students management system in SQL Server database features…

What are the features with which you’re going to learn so much things?

What are the thing I’ve to do?

Is this project going to accomplish on time?

 I know…

These questions are floating in your mind.

But don’t worry…

…For that purpose I’m here, I’ll explain each thing step by step…

Features of Students Management System in SQL Server are listed below –

First feature is what…? E.g. you’re having a college you’ve to do these all things.

Now the first task is to register the students…

…Providing an interface where any authorized person can register the students.

Did you notice something…?



Ok…! I will tell you that thing… don’t afraid I not going to scold you…

I here to tell you those things…

Above I told you – “Providing an interface where any authorized person can register the students.

Have you got the term Authorized Person”?


Now I’m sure you got the idea… what I’m trying to say…

Before getting student registered you’ve to authorize the persons who’re going to use the system.

So firstly you’ve to register the employees and make a log in system for them to authorize to do anything.

First make a database for the authorized personals and assign them log in and passwords.

Thereafter we have the first feature to –

  1. Enroll the students and assign them their registration number i.e. students unique ID.
  2. Attendance record.
  3. Subjects record
  4. Results record
  5. Placement record
  6. Complaint and inquiry requests record.

Enroll Student

This is feature where authorized personal register the student and generate student’s registration number or unique ID.

This feature is not so much difficult to develop, you can do it very easily…

…As per as my experience the most difficult and considerable thing is not inserting data in the database, how you provide data security is the main and important thing.

Secondly we’ve…

Attendance Record

This is feature where the system should be in a way to keep the record of student’s attendance till date he/she is registered to the present date.

This feature is a little bit hard but you can do it very easily with a little effort.

If you’re feeling hard to get it you can contact an expert for more information regarding this, either you can contact me.

If you want Codingparks.com expert guidance just contact me right now. I’m just one click away from you.

This feature will mark the students attendance and store the information’s like –

When is attendance marked?

What are the topics that are covered in the lecture?

What are the timings of the lecture?

What are the topics covered in the lecture?

All these question’s details will be covered in the attendance record.

 Next we’ve…

Subject Record Management

This is interfacing in the Students Management System in SQL Server idea to make a record of student’s all subjects and its IP’s (Instruction Plans).

Here you will have…means authorized personal going to upload the subjects details like IP’s, Reading material for a particular subject.

This will be designed in a manner of that no other field or stream student can access the others data…

…Means that if I’m a student of a CSE I should not be having an access to the ECE or any other field data.

I should only get my fields data…

That the reason I’ve told you just before that insertion of data to the database is not much difficult…

…But the important task arrives here, how to manage the data and provide them access security.

Result Record

This is the feature in Students Record Management System in SQL Server database project idea to keep the student’s record…

Most probably… you’re thinking how it will be managed?

It’s not a big issue…

Just record entire students marks subject wise in the database.

Apply your collage’s passing or evaluation criteria formulas and result will be calculated automatically.

The store that result into database and publish it.

An important thing regarding this project is that you’ve to build a interface where you can publish your result, means you are required to have a website.

I can also help you to create that also. Hire me for this work.

Get expert help for web-development. Contact me immediately.

Placement Record

This is an area in Student Management System SQL Server database project idea to maintain the students placement in companies record.

Here you’ll see the available company for placement and drives attended by the students.

This area will consist of the company name that is coming or presently hiring students as employees to their company.

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Again I’m telling you that if you’re getting any problem to grab the things, feel free to contact me.

Employees Management System idea in SQL Server for final year projects

Employee Management System is a project idea in SQL Server for final year students, where you can make an interface to maintain your organization’s employees.

I think…

You’ve questions like, what kind of data are you going to maintain?

We are not going to store big mountain data…

…It’s general information like –

How many Employees are in your organization?

Recording their basic information…

…Like employee name, age, salary, position, attendance record etc.

This is a project, which will help a lot an organization. After the successful accomplishment of the project…

…An organization can easily make a record of their employees and grant them salary according to their presence.

After the implementation of this project in any organization, no employee can cheat on you.

He/she will be serious towards his/her work…

Now I’m pretty sure that you can understand the advantages of working on this project ideas…

Isn’t it…?

When you’ll start working on it you will be having three main experiences with you…

  1. How you’re going to handle the project? – Means responsibilities of a project manager.
  2. A good experience of the database programmer.
  3. The experience of working on a real-time project.

Employee Management system will make you learns a lot, if you’re willing to go for it.

So, not getting deep in the specific talks –

Now I should tell you its key features, that are must for this Employees Management System project idea in SQL Server to include.

First is what…?

Have you got any idea…?

Yes, you’re right…

First of all you’ve to design an interface where all the members are authorized to open their account or there should be their particular credentials.

So, what’ll be that…?

That will be…

  1. Employee Enrollment


This will be the first feature…

And other features will be

  1. Login Portal
  2. Attendance Record
  3. Salary Record
  4. Schedule

Employee Enrollment

Here your organization’s authorized person going to register the employees into the database and he/she will assign them theirs unique login and password information’s.

This is feature online about the registration…

…And you can make and design it very easily, without giving any hard effort.

Second task arrives here to provide an interface, means a particular interface for a employee…

…No other employee should check his or her information’s, except higher authority. Only the authorized person can check it.

This feature is going to be a little bit tough for you…

…Because you’ve to check the security in different cases. Here, maybe you can apply mathematics probability part.

It depends on you, how you’re going to manage it. So, here this feature is named as…

Login Page or Employee Account

This is a feature in Employees Management System SQL Server database project ideas to authenticate any employee to view his/her information’s…

…Here if an employee will not enter correct credentials then, he/she will be alerted with wrong credentials message.

When employee will get authorized then employee can check out his/her attendance, salary details, schedule etc.

When the employee will check all the stuff then employee can log out from a logout option given in the Employee management system in SQL Server.

Next we’ve the feature to mark the employees attendance.

Attendance Details

This is an area in Employee Management System in SQL Server from where employee can check out his/her attendance…

…And if some he/she is marked absent but he/she was present then what will employee do…

Thinking about that…

Don’t worry…

 I’ve already planned an idea for that purpose.

In the interface, their will be an option to fire an rectify request to the higher authority.

After higher authority will make it sure that you were present with any proof then you’ll be prompted or alerted with the successfully request acceptance.

Now thinking the next feature…

Next feature is –

Salary Record

This is an option in employee management system where employee’s salary data will be stored and calculated.

Here option will be only read-only for employees and it will be managed by the accounting department…

…And their updated values will be shown here.

This option will contain how much salary is awarded to the employee and how much is detected…

Wondering about salary detection…?

Don’t think so much…

I’m here to explain it to you…

This is because if an employee is not present then employee’s salary will be detected.

Here also the issue of salary detection will be available to the employee.

Thinking about correction, if anything done wrongly…

Don’t worry…

Rectify option will be also there on the screen to correct the details.

Next option is …


This is an area where timing or timetable of an employee will be displayed in employee management system in SQL Server.

Most important features of employee management system in SQL Server database project idea for final year engineering students are covered…

…If you still think that some is left then please feel free to get in touch with us, or just comment your feature in the comment box with the project name.

Get urgent SQL Server database projects and assignments help, feel free to contact Codingparks experts. Contact Now…

Taxi Management system project ideas in SQL Server for final year students.

A taxi management system project idea in SQL Server is an idea for managing taxi center information.

This project’s will be mostly same as the employee management system.

But it will make an only difference when it comes to the trips management.

E.g. if any taxi is going for a tour then there should be full details of vehicle and driver is to be stored in the SQL database of Taxi Management System’s.

Don’t get confused…

I’m making it easy for you…

In Taxi centers, we have to maintain the following details –

  1. Enroll driver
  2. Driver Information’s.
  3. Vehicle Information.
  4. Passengers information
  5. Trip source
  6. Trip destination
  7. Trip Type
  8. Generate invoice and send it to DB
  9. Email it to passengers.
  10. Current status.
  11. Holidays took by driver
  12. Maintenance cost of the vehicle.

Now I’m explaining these features of Taxi Management System in SQL Server to you in details.

Firstly, we’ve the feature…

Enroll driver

This is a feature provided in Taxi Management System project idea in SQL Server to register the driver in any particular taxi center.

Here driver’s unique ID will be generated and will be given to the driver for future information grabbing purpose.

Driver Information

This is a feature, which is mostly under the enrollment but will be included in the next step.

There is no any new thing for you in this feature if you’re reading the post carefully, with proper attention.

In this feature, you’ll just save the driver information like –

  • Name
  • Age
  • Sex
  • Address
  • Blood group
  • DL Number etc.

When these all information will be saved in the taxi management system SQL Server database you can easily update it later if anything found missing or mistaken.

Vehicle Information

Vehicle information is a module in the taxi management system to keep record of vehicle following information’s like –

  • Vehicle registration number
  • Engine Number etc.

Passengers Information

Here all the passenger’s basic information’s will be recorded like Name, Date of birth, Age etc.

Trip Source

The trip source is an option where you’ve to fill the source from where the passengers catch the taxi.

Trip Destination

It’ll be the place where passengers will leave the taxi. When leaves the taxi then bill will be sent to them.

Got confused where the will be sent…

Don’t worry it’s my task to tell it to you.

When a passenger will leave the taxi, the driver will send a request to the taxi center then bill will be sent to the passenger’s Email.

Next feature we’ve…

Trip type

This is a type of trip for which passenger requested. In this, we have only two options.

  • Single side trip
  • Round trip

Thinking what will be covered in both…

I’ll tell you this thing right now.

Single sided trip involves only trip from Source to the destination but in the case of round trip both will be covered vice versa.

Want to know how?

Let me tell you this thing first…

It will be a trip from source to destination and then destination to the source of same passengers.

Generate invoice and send it to database

This is a part where the total bill of passengers will be generated and a carbon copy will be fired to the database for the purpose of security

Email Invoice to Passengers

This is a feature which will be used to send an invoice to the passengers registered Email ID’s.

Current Status

This is an option included in the Taxi Management System project idea in SQL Server to track the current location where the taxi is traveling.

This is an additional and optional feature in this project idea. This will increase project cost.

Normally it can be neglected if you have no more concern to the security.

But my recommendation is that you should include this feature in the taxi management project idea.


This is an amazing feature. You’ll definitely get good marks for this implementation.

And at last we have two features left for the talk…

…I’m just clubbing these features and telling it to you in a combined manner.

Holiday’s taken by driver and maintenance cost

These are the features which includes the information like the number of holidays taken by drivers…

…And the maintenance cost of a taxi.

Days for which driver is absent, salary will be detected from the total. And maintenance charges will be sent to the owner of the vehicle.

Currently, I’ve only written features for three SQL Server database project ideas. For others, SQL Server database project ideas which are left will be updated soon…

… Be in touch with us.

Keep your beautiful eyes on the latest updates.

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